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Petaling B Rovers

Our 1st committee

The first Ad Hoc Committee members were:

  • Chairman : Chin Thoe Ark
  • Vice Chairman : James V.A.
  • Secretary : Diana Chew
  • Asst. Secretary : Cheng Teik Ee, Cheang Kok Keong
  • Treasurer : Khoo Boo Kheng
  • QM/Librarian : Chin Ai Kong
  • Logkeeper : Ng Siew Tung
  • Rover Scout Leader (RSL): Augustine Lee
  • Assistant RSL (ARSL): Chin Thoe Ark, James VA

The trial period set for this Ad-Hoc committee was for four months until 31st Dec 1985, where during this period the members are to have activities to get the know each other better. During this trial period, several topics regarding the crew were discussed throughout the end of the year. Communications was an important issue, where the main problems of not having enough members attend meetings, was because of contacts and commitments. Suggestions to overcome this problem was to make members know about the crew’s mission, and to have a few outings. Another issue was about money, where the treasurer then decided to collect RM 15 per person and RM 5 per student. If you notice now, we are still paying the same amount for subscriptions even after all these years. They then organized their 1st crew activity.

Our 1st Crew activity

On the 23rd to 24th November 1985, the crew had their first activity, which was an overnight camp at Templer’s Park. 7 rover crew members attended the camp, and they had to hike up to the top of the park, on a slippery surface. The main purpose of this camp was to discuss the issues regarding the existence of the crew. Points discussed were:

  1. Design of the Crew’s Uniform - Since the crew was going to be registered, the members had to work towards maintaining its existence. Members must be dedicated to the crew and not work half-heartedly into whatever they do.
  2. Recruitment of new members – they will have a probationary period, with an unspecified duration. It will depend on their performance and attitude towards the crew. Those under probation will not wear the crew’s badge, only epaulets. While under probation, full crew members must learn how to read the face, handwriting and other things that will point out the good and bad habits of the new members.
  3. Financial Independence – The crew members must do part time jobs to provide financial support for the crew. To be professional scouts, we must be financially independent and the whole crew should work together to achieve its aims.
  4. The crew must organize activities to discuss about topics and issues regarding the crew, so that they can improve, and also learn from past mistakes. It was mentioned that the crew is a family, because when something happens to one of its members, it concerns the rest of the crew.

After the camp and during the next meeting, the members came up with the uniform design, logo and the motto for the crew. Ever wondered before, how the motto came about? They came out with a few suggestions, but the best ones were AIMS and UPS.

AIMS – Achievement and Integrity for Meaningful Scouting
UPS – Unity for Professional Scouting

This was the final decision, and the motto was actually reversed to UPS & AIMS. So from that day onwards, the 30th of November 1985, the motto will be with the crew FOREVER.

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